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Misdemeanor Arriagnment

When you are charged with a misdemeanor crime you generally will receive a citation or a notice to appear in court with a set date. That date will be your first appearance before the court unless you receive a notice of correction with a changed date. The arraignment proceeding is completely procedural, which means you will not be able to argue your case before the court. The court will call your case, the court will inform you of your charges and your constitutional rights including your right to counsel. If you are in custody at the time of your arraignment
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Preliminary Hearing

A preliminary hearing is a bench trial to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to grant the case to trial. The purpose of the preliminary hearing is to establish whether probable cause exists to believe that the defendant has committed the crime. At the preliminary hearing, the court must be convinced only of such a state of facts as would lead a reasonable person to believe and conscientiously entertain a strong suspicion of the defendant’s guilt. If, after presentation of evidence, the magistrate determines that no public offense has been committed or that there is insufficient cause to believe the
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A federal judge raised concerns at a hearing Monday about how much legal authority the government has to compel Apple Inc.AAPL +1.30% to unlock a criminal suspect’s iPhone and access the user’s data. The judge’s skepticism comes amid a national debate involving tech companies and the degree to which they can protect their customers’ privacy from government. Read more about it here.
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