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Law Offices of Danny Saleh is founded on the principle that every individual deserves a vigorous defense against the virtually limitless resources of the government. As a criminal defense attorney who has successfully defended a wide range of people facing serious misdemeanor and felony charges, I recognize that facing an arrest and prosecution can promote a range of emotions that include fear, frustration, sadness, and even anger. My goal is to guide individuals facing criminal charges through the judicial process while seeking the best possible outcome.

While my law firm might pursue a plea bargain that results in a reduced charge, fewer charges, or a less severe sentence, I am committed to pursuing such a resolution from a position of strength. The best plea agreements are founded on well-researched, thoroughly investigated, and aggressively crafted defense strategies. My experience reveals that prosecutors are more likely to agree to a favorable resolution for an accused when the prospect of a dismissal or acquittal is established as a legitimate risk. Whether I am seeking to suppress evidence through pre-trial motions, uncovering false testimony, identifying favorable witnesses, or dissecting sloppy forensics by the police, my goal is to put the prosecutor on notice that I am ready and able to proceed to trial.


Many individuals charged with crimes as well as their family members inquire about the reasons they should hire a private criminal lawyer. Although some people qualify for a public defender, there are strict qualifying criteria based on financial need, so many people are not eligible.

Even those people who meet the financial requirements might want to seriously consider retaining the best criminal defense law firm. Although most public defenders are both knowledgeable and conscientious, they face inherent disadvantages. The caseload that must be managed by a public defender can be staggering, which allows for less time to devote to any particular criminal case. Financially strapped government agencies also are feeling the financial pressure of a tough economy in terms of the funds available to allocate to public defender programs. These limits in terms of time and financial resources can affect the attorney-client relationship in a variety of ways:

  • Client conferences might be limited to rushed meetings during court hearings.
  • Relatively costly scientific testing and forensic investigation might be unavailable.
  • Public defenders might have limited time to explain the process and discuss your case.
  • Law Offices of Danny Saleh limits our caseload, so we can devote our full attention to those cases we handle.
  • Hiring a law firm to be with you throughout every step is imperative.