Daniel is very caring and passionate about his practice. He is also very patient with his clients! His background and skills allow him to fight for his clients without any obstacles. Thank you!

Adan A.

I had my experience with lawyers and attorneys before, but none have compared with Mr. Danny Saleh.
He went to court on by half to revoke DUI charges, and get me off of probation. He was well prepared and very professional.Best Lawyer I ever had! He won the case. Sincerely worth every penny for his services.
Easy to talk to and to work. I highly recommend him.

Gus Y.

I needed legal advice, so I went to Danny to seek his help. He was very helpful and gave me some much-needed information and relief. Thank you, Danny, for your help!

Kenny N.

Danny’s a life-saver!! I had some legal issues I needed to settle on a very, very short notice and was ridden of anxiety about it, but Danny definitely took care of business! He calmed by nerves, educated me about what was going on what I needed to do, and helped me through every step of the process and was super easy to get ahold of. Always willing to help his client, and gives honest work. 10/10

William B.

Danny Saleh is excellent at what he does. He dealt with a case I had that was out of state, and made it so I never had to leave my state to appear in court. He is very knowledgable of the law and explained everything I needed to know in great detail. He always got back to me very quickly on matters and was available for me to call whenever I needed to. I Wish I could have met him in person to properly thank him.I would recommend him to anyone needing legal advice or a lawyer, he works very hard.

Lesly T.

Danny Saleh is one of the best lawyers I have had, I would highly recommend him to any one who is facing law charges. He gets back to you right and not to mention is available 24/7 .

Brittany G.

Danny saved my hide to say the least. I currently reside in Hawaii and I was called to a court hearing in California. They gave me a two week notice to fly to from Hawaii to California. I was distraught to say the least, as it would cost a small fortune to fly last minute to California. I contacted him and he handled my case promptly and professionally. His prices were reasonable and he was on top of getting everything together for my court hearing, even in the short time frame we had been given. I could not be more grateful that he was willing and able to do this for me.

Ali S.

Danny Saleh is a very knowledgable attorney who knows and understands the law. He has constantly explained difficult principles and has made them easy for me to understand. He works with your schedule so it is never difficult to meet with him. I highly recommend him.

Roger S.

Great attorney who will do anything for his clients. Very sincere and will work to best abilities to get best possible deal for his clients. If your looking for caring attorney he is the guy! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Eva Q.

I couldn’t have hired a better attorney to represent me in court. Danny Saleh is honest and straight forward.Danny explained to me how the legal process works he never left me guessing and most importantly he gave me peace of mind! Right away I knew I was dealing with a no nonsense attorney. He constantly stayed in direct contact with me notified me of all and any updates in my case. I would highly recommend Danny Saleh to all my friends and family.

Tom B.

Danny handled an illegal substance misdemeanor possession that I got in Pomona. The court screwed up the appearance date twice and I drove from Arizona to Pomona for nothing… Twice. Finally called Danny out of the blue on his website, and he did the job for me long-distance for half the price another attorney quoted. Danny is a fast talker, but in a good way – – he talks fast! But don’t let that put you off. He is honest and he gets the job done. Complications arose during the process that required a lot more time on his part, but he did not charge more for the extra time he put into it. If you need to get something done in superior court in Pomona, give Danny a call.

I never actually met the guy! We were able to handle everything by email, telephone, and letter!

Sonia Cortez

I was referred to Danny by a friend and I can honestly say that I made the right choice by coming to his office in Pomona.

His professionalism was beyond my expectations. Danny is very patient in explaining and helping you understand all aspects of the law. I really appreciate the fact that when you call his office he actually gets on the phone and speaks with you. You can hardly find attorneys now days as humble and professional as Danny. If you are ever in need of Legal Assistance in his field of expertise, without hesitation, he is the right choice for you. I will definitely be referring friends and family.